My First Review here is a seasoning I simply LOVE.

Maggi Magic Cubes:

Maggi Magic Cubes Maggi Magic Cubes2

What it claims

With MAGGI Magic Cubes, you can cook the smart way while adding that mouth-watering flavor to your meals. That’s not all; as you crumble a MAGGI Magic cube into your dish, your curries, biryani and even non-vegetarian dishes turn rich and delicious in no time.

Available in two exciting flavors – Vegetarian Masala and Chicken. It is time for you to don the Chef’s hat at home

Packaging : 10 cubes in a packet.

Ingredients:(Vegetarian flavor)
Iodised salt,Flavor enhancers(621 & 635), Sugar, Edible vegetable Oil, Maltodextrin, Onion powder(1.6 %),Garlic powder (1.5 %), Edible starch, carrot bits (1 %), Black Pepper (0.8 %), Acidifying agent(330), Coriander (0.5%), Colour (150d) and Turmeric powder (0.2 %)

Price : 32.00 INR

My experience :

I use these in almost everything from soup, to rice, to veggies, to chicken. It’s amazing how a cube can improve and enhance the flavor of a dish.

Can be used as a seasoning in Sandwiches and pastas.

I also use the cubes for making Veg stock. It would be better to taste before you use as the salt content is good.

Personally, I like the veg version more.

I have used the Maggi Cubes in :

Chicken SoupSweet Corn soup

So here is my Rating: (Out of 5)

Taste: 5

Value: 5

Nutrition: 3

Ingredients: 4

Ease of use: 5

Appearance: 5

Packaging: 5

Shelf life: 5



Disclaimer: The opinions expressed about the products I review are from my personal cooking experience only.  I also do not get monetary compensation to review any product


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